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Quality products... designed by catfisherman!

Rippin Lips was originally formed to bring our unique catfishing bait (Leakin Livers) to the catfishing market. We have evolved as a company, and we are now dedicated to bringing you the best in catfishing products, including catfishing rods, catfishing rigs, catfishing tips and, of course, the best catfish bait. We are committed to offering you the quality in a product that you will be happy with, at a price that won't break your wallet. We hope that our dedication to service and products will keep you coming back to order from us.

Rippin Lips provides catfisherman with high quality bait for catfishing, catfishing rods, catfishing poles and catfishing tips for all catfishing including flathead catfishing. Whether you're a leisurely fisherman or a tournament veteran, anglers have had great success with our easy-to-use catfishing bait. Our unique Leakin Livers catfishing baits contain chicken livers that are easy to get on your hook when you're out on the water ripping lips — without the mess of dip baits and pure chicken livers. Affordable and efficient, Leakin Livers is catfishing bait designed by catfisherman for catfisherman. No other bait for catfishing compares.

As Rippin Lips continued to grow, we introduced new catfishing baits and products. Our Leakin Livers catfishing bait now comes in blood, garlic and oil. Catfisherman can find catfishing rods and catfishing poles in our online store, as well as other accessories to aid in flathead catfishing.

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